Who did Christian Paraschiv invite at the Otetelişanu Mansion ?


Who did Christian Paraschiv invite at the Otetelişanu Mansion ?





Whilst the latest projects of Ana Petrovici- Popescu (for instance Installations, performances, public art) are related to the romanian people ‘s social and political mentality, in the exposed works at  « Les Amis de Christian Paraschiv » , she  is testing the limits of her freedom in painting scouring the transition to a conceptual view of art.

Sever Petrovici-Popescu drives photography, his main art, through the memories of “the lost ones”.  It concerns the “pomana”.  His aim is to keep an archive of these mourning objects.

The essence of Andrei Ciubotaru ’s work takes root in an uncovered random sign coming out from the artistic scene that he will introduce modifying his original functions.

The romanian artist living in the USA, Ana  Golici, is looking for an unseen that is never reach. She cristalizes the unseen formerly by digital art. In her vision, It’s the way that God wrote the Divine code.When the images appear, they look as they are mine, she says.  I’m looking for the forgotten original connections. For instance the link between a plant and traditional romanian embroidery. The shadow of the plant makes you aware of the fleeting moments of the world.

The two french artists: Fabien Boitard a current headlight from the french artistic mainstream.

Yann Purcell places his creation in a meticulous assembly of particles which tend to wrap the roaming trends of the current art.

A text by Camilo Racana ( curator of the residency Les Amis de Christian Paraschiv en Roumanie )



Christian Paraschiv at the Otetelisanu mansion


Ana Golici, Fabien Boitard, Yann Purcell, Andrei Ciubotaru, Sever Petrovici Popescu, Ana Petrovici Popescu


Author: Claudia Zidaru

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