Great Eastern European Libertinism – Comics Residency

The first international comic residency organized in Romania took place between May 27 and June 2, 2016 at the Mansion Otetelisanu, a space built in the early eighteenth century and an example of architectural restoration, hosting now events dedicated to contemporary art.

“Great Eastern European Libertinism,” with the support of Administration od the National Cultural Fund, brings together artists from six countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Following themes and fears of graphic artists from Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic and Hungary, several DIY publications will be attempted in print, online but also in video format, and an exhibition will be organized at a later date in Bucharest.


Mansion guests in the residency “Great Eastern European libertinism” will address the “libertine” concept proposed by curator Octav Avramescu. It proposes participants to turn into comics and posters ideas that are based on libertinism, understood as a social form of creativity bordering the limits of acceptability in visual storytelling, creating networks of ”clandestine” distribution, constructing a biased public image of the author, influenced by the legacy of communist censorship and newer, contemporary forms, etc. For all those that would want to see comics serve a moral, social and political status quo, it should be said that authors resisting this censorship, through their “libertine” works censor them in turn, and one way or another persist in expressing their radicalized individuality, in collective forms of publication.


Great Eastern European Libertinism at the Otetelisanu Mansion


Attila Stark from Hungary


Igor Hofbauer

















Youlian Tabakov





















At the residency participants will also have access to several subversive workshops: creative writing, scenography or branching out, supported by Alin Rautoiu  and Tomas Motal. Subsequently, these courses will be available in video, along with interviews and docu-videos. Invited at “Great Eastern European libertinism”: Romania: Cristian Prandea, Mircea Pop, Ana Kun / Bulgaria: Youlian Tabakov / Czech Republic: Tomas Motal / Croatia: Igor Hofbauer, Bernharda Xilko / Serbia: Johanna Marcadé-Mot , Jovana Lutovac, Milica Ivic / Hungary: Attila Stark. Video and D.O.P. by Andrei Draghici and Cristian Cocos.


A project written and directed by Claudia Zidaru (




drawing by Ana Kun



Serigraphy by Bernahrda Xilko



Author: Claudia Zidaru

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